Property Mentorship


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I’m keen to share my knowledge and experience of the property market with others. I’ve learned so much over the last few years and the market is changing so rapidly that there’s lots to pass on.

I’m always happy to have a coffee and a chat, but some people prefer a more structured approach. I’ve put together my Property Mentorship Programme to meet this need.

The Rebecca Smith Property Services Property Mentorship Programme looks like this:

My aim is to help you to choose your property strategy to best fit your goals and objectives.

In our first meeting we work out what you want to achieve, in what timescale. We then break this down into achievable objectives.

You report back every month with an account of what you have accomplished and your plans for the next month. We then meet to discuss this in detail and agree a clear list of actions to take away. I give you further support each month via phone and email.

As well as input from me, you get access to my ‘power team’ of accountants, solicitors, architects, and other industry-specific experts. I can also give you invaluable information on how and where to raise joint venture funding.

As always there are no obligations or set time periods.