I was running a beginner’s property investing training course yesterday up in Peterborough and there’s a fact I share about property that I wanted to share with you: Since records began in 1088, property prices in the UK have doubled every 10 years. Pretty impressive huh?! Do you know of any other investments that have given that kind of return? Nope!

You may have heard that fact before as it is one of many that have been banded around quite a bit over the years. For a change, though, this one is actually true! That’s not to say that you can pick any 10-year period, and look at it on its own as there will be periods of 10 years when this definitely hasn’t happened. However, if you take time as a trend then, since 1088, the doubling HAS happened. Property values are cyclical, generally going in peaks and troughs, but if you track this on a graph and run an average trend line through the middle then there is a steady increase.

If you buy to hold property, and are therefore unaffected by the peaks and troughs, then there is no better investment – you’ve just got to know what to buy, where to buy it and how much to pay for it which is where education comes in. One of the many reasons why I love property is that once you know what you are doing it is very predictable!

Please do let me know your thoughts and as always, if you’d like to pick my brains on how you can get into property investing then drop me an email – always glad to go for a coffee if you’re local!