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With the rise of ‘generation rent’ – those with little prospect of owning their own home for some time to come – the demand for rental properties looks set to continue. Whilst it’s impossible to predict what will happen to property prices, many people still prefer to invest in property than elsewhere. Therefore it looks as if the buy-to-let market will continue to grow.

Lots of people want to invest in this market but many simply don’t have the time – or know how – to deal with the day to day details. Making the most of an investment involves sourcing the right property, knowing how to refurbish it to an appropriate standard, getting the right tenant and then managing the property. As well as sorting out the finances and dealing with all the legalities. That’s quite a set of skills and it takes a huge amount of time.

But don’t be daunted! I provide some of these services myself, and I have access to a team of experts who can provide the rest.

Rebecca Smith Property Services works in 2 main areas:


Sourcing Buy-to-lets in Teddington

I’m a well-established property consultant in Teddington, South West London. My family has been based here for 35 years so I really do know the market. If you are considering investing in a buy-to-let property in the Teddington, Hampton or Richmond area I can personally help you source it. I know the questions to ask to establish exactly what you’re looking for from your property investment. What type of property to go for, where to search, what returns you can expect. Ideas on refurbishment, advice on ongoing maintenance. What costs you can expect to incur. In short, everything you need to know.

Perhaps you’ve already found a property that could make a good buy-to-let. Want a second opinion? Here are some of the questions I will ask – and help you answer:

  • Is the area popular and is demand likely to increase in the future?
  • How close are transport links/amenities/schools etc.?
  • Is the property easily maintained throughout your investment?
  • What type of tenant do you want to attract?

As well as my specialist advice on sourcing the property itself I can then put you in touch with other local experts (solicitors, managing agents etc) to see the process through to the end.

Opening up Options in the North – and Elsewhere

The north of England is attracting property investors thanks to the lower property prices and higher relative returns. There’s also been an increase in the number of professionals living in HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupancy). With such properties being refurbished to higher standards they are attracting increased returns.

Through my training and experience I am now able to provide a service whereby I give investors in the south hands free access to the fantastic returns in the north, helping them build a property portfolio. I’ve built up a network of local advisors to help source and refurbish properties and find suitable tenants. Together we can maximise these new opportunities. Distance doesn’t have to be a disadvantage – the hard work gets done for you.

Check out these case studies to see how it works.

As well as spotting these opportunities in the north, I keep an eye on developments elsewhere too. There are one or two up and coming areas I’d be happy to talk to you about.


My Approach

I provide expert advice and guidance to help you make the best decision on how and what to invest in. I’m an experienced professional but I’m also highly approachable. I’m happy to share my thoughts and opinions and I’ll always tell you the costs and risks involved, not just the likely returns. I’ll give you an outline of the legal process and anything else you need to know.

I make a point of not putting people under any pressure. Meeting for a coffee and a chat does not oblige you to work with me. My purpose is to help you understand the world of property and open your eyes to the options as they unfold, including the joint venture projects I’m working on. If we work together, that’s great; if we don’t, I will absolutely still wish you well.

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If you are new to the world of property and want a more structured approach to learning about the opportunities and pitfalls, why not join my Property Mentorship Programme.

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