Embrace Technology and Make MORE Profit from Property!

By Rebecca Smith on April 16, 2020

Technology……you either love it or hate it…… but, either way, there’s no getting away from it! And one thing’s for sure, it’s going to play a bigger part in our lives over the coming years. Personally, before starting in property, I hated everything to do with complicated technology, social media or anything that was more complicated than a Nokia 3310 (remember those?!!). Now though, I’ve come to realise that technology can and does very much play its part in making your life as a property investor easier.

The biggest need I have is that I do everything remotely. I invest in the north but live in the south and so now rely on technology to bridge that gap. Below is a list of the 3 main ways (and there are more!) in which I now use technology in my property business:

  1. When refurbishing a property, I have a skype call with my onsite project manager every Friday. It is exactly like having a face to face meeting and he can show me around the property as if I’m there with him. It then saves me the 8 hour round trip to be there in person!
  2. As many of you can probably relate to, my whole life revolves around lists! I used to have an old-school pad and pen but was terrified of losing it so I now use the app ‘Asana’ which I can add items to from my phone, laptop or PC. When I wake up in the middle of the night and remember something I need to do I can add it straight into my phone there and then!
  3. I have a bookkeeper for all my accounting and I used to collect big piles of receipts which I needed to send to him on a regular basis to reconcile. Now, I simply take a photo on my phone of the receipt there and then when I pay for something. I upload the photo directly from my phone to a folder in ‘Dropbox’ which my bookkeeper can then directly access. Saves me filing, storing and sending any receipts as I can throw them away as soon as I’ve taken the photo and uploaded it. The photo is all the record I need for my accounts. Bonus!

So, if you can, like me, embrace technology then it holds huge opportunities to make your life easier, make you more time efficient and ultimately save you money.

If I can help you in any way in terms of getting into and profiting from property investing, then please do get in touch. Always happy to have a chat or a coffee!