About Rebecca Smith

Over the years that I have spent in property I have grown a significant network of property professionals who have a vast amount of experience. Although developers use bank lending for much of their site purchase costs and development finance, they have an ongoing need for additional funds from private investors. It’s these funds that I source and provide through my growing network of investors who are looking for a better return than they can currently get in the bank. Investors provide loans over a fixed period for a fixed return giving them much more than they would typically earn in the bank. Returns range from 8-12% per year depending on the project and the developer.


I'm hugely passionate about property and the rewards it can reap to give you a fantastic quality of life!

Rebecca Smith

My Career Path

Business Degree at Huddersfield University

Temporary contract with Yellow Pages doing telesales. Great introduction to the corporate world and trained by, what was then, one of the leading sales companies in the UK

At 23, bought a franchise – Expense Reduction Analysts, which helps business owners to reduce their overheads. Of 130 franchisees I was the youngest by 10 years and one of only 8 females. Franchises are great for working for yourself but not by yourself.

Sold the franchise for a profit 3 years later and went back to the corporate world to be a Business Developer for a FTSE 250 recruitment company

Worked my way up over the next 9 years to Head of Communications.

Offered voluntary redundancy whilst on maternity leave with my 2nd daughter

Decided to set up a letting agency from home. Worked with a mentor to coach me on the setting up and running of the business

Went to a property networking event run by Progressive Property and got free tickets to one day beginners property event held in their offices in Peterborough.

Signed up to their 4-day Property Investors Masterclass and went straight on to the 12-month mentorship program

Learnt how to invest in property the ‘right way’ and grew a strong network of property professionals.

Am now one of 3 trainers who teach Progressive’s flagship 4-day property investors masterclass on a monthly basis

Now help people with money in the bank giving them little to no return get access to low risk, high return development projects. A completely hands-free investment with highly experienced developers over the short to medium term.

Get in touch below to drop me an email or to a arrange a chat. There is never any obligation to work with me, my purpose is to help you understand the world of property and open your eyes to the options available to you to make your money work harder!